Residential Glossary

AGLC Base Customer Charge

Regulated charge from the utility billed through the marketer which includes the following:

  • Base customer charge - fixed costs for AGLC to service customer including regulator, meter and service lines.
  • Ancillery Service - AGLC cost to read meter.
  • Dedicated Design Day Capacity Charge (DDDC) - AGLC cost to provide delivery service to your premise based on your gas usage on the coldest day of the year. A spreadsheet detailing how this is calculated is available here.
  • Peaking Service - AGLC cost of operating liquefied natural gas and propane operations (may not apply to all customers).
  • Franchise Recovery Cost - AGLC cost for the right to use public rights-of-way for AGLC's gas lines and other facilities.
  • Social Responsibility Ride - AGLC cost of providing a low-income senior citizens discount to eligible customers. This rider is charged to all residential customers who are not receiving the low-income senior citizen's rate.
  • Pipeline Replacement Program - Recovers AGLC cost incurred to replace all bare steel and cast line pipe on their system within Georgia.
  • Environmental Response Cost - AGLC cost of environmental compliance.
Atlanta Gas Light
The utility regulated by the Georgia Public Service Commission that owns, operates and maintains the pipeline system within your service area and distributes gas on behalf of Fireside Natural Gas and other marketers. AGLC is responsible for responding to gas leaks and other emergencies.
Commercial Customer
A customer engaged primarily in selling goods or services excluding manufacturing and electric power generation as well as service to institutions and local, state and federal government departments and agencies.
Early Termination Charge
Fixed Rate plan participants will be charged an early termination fee if your agreement on a fixed plan is breached. The fee will be determined based upon the amount of time left in your contract.
Fireside Natural Gas Customer Charge
The charge covers our cost to maintain and service your account. Fireside Natual Gas assesses a full customer service charge for each service period regardless of the number of service days.
Georgia Public Service Commission (GPSC)
Regulatory commitee governing telecommunications, energy and administrative affairs in the state of Georgia.
Industrial Customer
A customer engaged primarily in a process that creates or changes raw or unfinished materials into another form or product including the generation of electric power.
Insufficient Funds Fee
Any payment ro your account that is not accepted for the full amount, including insufficient funds associated with a bank draft payment even if payment is accepted on resubmission, will be assessed a non-refundable fee of no more than $30.00.
Interstate Capacity Charge
A transportation charge that is based on your DDDC as determined by AGLC. Fireside Natural Gas will assess a full charge for each service period regardless of the number of service days.
Late Charge
If your account becomes past due by greater than $30, you will be charged a late fee of 1.5% of the overdue amount or a minimum of $10 to offset the cost to Fireside Natural Gas.
Natural Gas Charge
The cost of gas used during the service cycle. This cost can vary depending on the quantity of gas used and the price per them.
Residential Customer
A house, apartment building or other structure that consumes natural gas primarily for personal, family or household use.
Sales Tax
Sales tax will apply to all charges on your Fireside Natural Gas bill except any Late Charges.
Service Connection Charge
You will be charged a total of $50 to establish first time service or to re-establish disconnected service. Twenty-five dollars of this fee is a pass through fee from AGLC.
The customer is responsible for all applicable Federal, State and Local taxces. It is the customer's responsibility to provide Fireside Natural Gas with the required exemption certificate if you are a tax-exempt entity.