Frequently Asked Natural Gas Questions

FireSide Natural Gas delivers the savings and service that you deserve. Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions about setting up natural gas service with FireSide Natural Gas.
How do I enroll for new service with FireSide Natural Gas?
You may call 678.872.0250 or toll free 866.517.0250 and speak with a Customer Relations Specialist or you may enroll for natural gas service online.
If I enroll online, how will I know that I have been approved and that my request is being processed?
In order for us to promptly process your application, please make sure that you are filling out all requested information. You will receive an email or phone call stating your approval or rejection. If your account is approved, we will send you a new customer package within the next 7-10 days. This information package will contain a confirmation of your account as well as a copy of our terms and conditions. If you have any concerns with your rate plans or any requirements held by FireSide Natural Gas, please contact us immediately. We can be reached at 678.872.0250 or 866.517.0250 Monday thru Friday 8am-6pm.
Why does FireSide need my Social Security number, and is your site secure?
Your Social Security number is used to check your credit status for approval or decline of a new account. We are not currently taking deposits, so an account that is approved will not be charged any up front fees for service. Any connection fee required by AGL will be assessed on your first statement. And yes, FireSide Natural Gas guarantees that our website is secure for your safety.
Will FireSide Natural Gas require me to sign a contract?
No, you are not required to sign a contract, however a contactual agreement to our Terms and Conditions is assumed when you sign up either by phone or online by accepting service from FireSide Natural Gas. If you do choose to sign up for a Fixed Rate Plan you are entering into a contract and agreeing to remain on that plan for the length of the fixed rate.
Is there a cancellation fee?
No, you may cancel service for any reason within 72 hours of sign up, or if you move outside of the Atlanta Gas Light servicing area, or if you are on a Variable Rate Plan you may cancel service at any time with no fee. If you are on a Fixed Rate Plan and do not move outside of the Atlanta Gas Light service area you are subject to fees associated with breaking the contract. If you are terminating service at a location you must contact FireSide at least 10 days before service is to be terminated.
If I switch my service to FireSide Natural Gas, how long will it take for the switch to become effective?
We will contact Atlanta Gas Light to get your service changed. If you sign before the 19th of the month your switch will become effective the first day of the following month. If you switch on the 19th or later the change will become effective on the first day of the month thereafter.
Is there a fee to switch?
You may switch once every 12 month period without being assessed a fee. If switching more than once every 12 months, a $7.50 fee may be charged.
What do I do if I smell gas?
Call Atlanta Gas Light Company immediately at 770-907-4231 or 1-877-427-4321.
What role does Atlanta Gas Light play in my natural gas service?
Atlanta Gas Light (AGL) owns the pipeline system through which natural gas carried to homes and businesses. FireSide Natural Gas provides the gas that AGL transports through its pipelines to you. AGL also installs and reads the meter at your home or business, which is why you will contact them in case of emergencies regarding gas leaking from the pipes.
Who do I contact if I have a question about my FireSide Natural Gas bill?
You may contact FireSide at 678.872.0250 or toll free 866.517.0250 and speak with a Customer Relations Specialist or you may go to the Understanding Your Bill section of this website.

Click here to quickly view your bill.
What is the "effective date" of rates?
New rates are posted by Georgia law the 5th of every month and published on the Georgia Public Service Commission’s website. If you choose a variable rate plan, you can find updated rate prices on our website on that date. If you enroll in a fixed rate plan, the locked in rate will remain the same for the length of your plan.
Do I need to contact my current marketer to inform them of my change in natural gas service?
No, the switch will be automatic. Your meter will be read as usual and on your reading date, the previous usage will be reported to your former marketer and you will receive their final bill.
What charges can I expect to see on my FireSide Natural Gas statement?
For an example of our monthly statement you can review the interactive bill located in the understanding your bill screen.